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Case Sensitive or Insensitive SQL Query

Hello World! So today was one of those days – you know when you see a ton of mails saying everything that was working yesterday is not working today! But somehow you believe that you’d be able to make it

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How to find out if a user exists on a domain or system?

So here I was, trying to grope through the System.DirectoryServices namesapce trying to find a way to check if a given username exists in the domain. What I wanted to do is this: If you have ever opened your computer

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Uninstalling a .NET service

Hello World, Well, this should be pretty simple: InstallUtil.exe is provided with the .NET framework for manual install/uninstall as described here: MSDN Link Basically what I like to do when running a command like this is to add it to

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VS 2010 and .NET 4 Series – ScottGu’s Blog

Nice, informative series by Scott Guthrie: VS 2010 and .NET 4 Series – ScottGu’s Blog

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Uninstalling Visual Studio 2008 (all versions)

Uninstalling Visual Studio 2008 (All Versions) I was struggling to repair an installation of VS 2008 Team System (Development edition) and found this on the blog by Victor Chen The following link should take you the download page for the uninstall

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adaptive path » ajax: a new approach to web applications

The guy who coined the term Ajax (As in Asynchronous JavaScript and XML for the un-initiated) : now a buzzword or shall I say indispensable for any web developer worth his salt (or sugar if you will!) adaptive path »

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C# Using Reflection to list object properties programatically

Hello World! Today a fellow colleague asked me if it is possible to programmatically access the fields of a custom type and check if they are null or empty and take some action based on the test. I knew this

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