AB’s SQL Server Day: An enriching experience

Hello World!

I had the opportunity to attend a session by Amit Bansal in Microsoft
(Embassy Golf Links, Bangalore) premises on Saturday, 20th
November 2010. The discussion agenda was as follows:

  • Keynote and Welcome by
    Vinod Kumar (Microsoft)
  • Microsoft BI Platform
    developed around MS SQL 2008 R2 – Delivered by Sudhir Rawat (Microsoft)
  • An introduction to
    SQLServerGeeks.com, a community portal in development – By Amit Bansal

I must
mention here that the keynote and
welcome by Vinod worked as an appetizer that should’ve generated
curiosity and set expectations on what was to follow. Must say that the
demonstartion on how the TRUNCATE command behaves vis-a-vis DELETE in
terms of transaction logging, TRANSACTIONS themselves was really cool.
I never knew that a TRUNCATE could be issued within a transaction and
rolled back!!

I have had the oppurtunity to attend a session on MS SQL 2005 Reporting
and Analysis services by Amit Bansal in 2006 (The same Microsoft campus
as mentioned in the beginning). The man has only got better with time
in terms of an engaging style of delivery and the way he connects with
the audience. As most of us would agree, it is hard to concentrate on a
deep-dive technical session for more than 15 minutes but thanks to AB’s
efforts, in the entire 1 hour of session, I hardly winked! Add to that
the fact that I only have theoretical knowledge about the subject
matter of Data Warehousing and Data Mining and you’d know what I’m
talking about! (PS: I am a .NET developer with only a working knowledge
of databases 🙂

I would appeal to all my friends to join the SQLServerGeeks.com community
as also the wetogether.in site. Amit and Peopleware are doing a
fantastic service to the community by organising such events. I have
honestly got motivated to be on the podium in one such event in the
very near future!

Happy Coding

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