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TFS 2010 Destroying unwanted builds

Hello World, If you’ve worked with TFS builds for any length of time, you would’ve surely had days when the build just would not do what it is supposed to do: build stuff!!We had this issue the other day when

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Rollback a changeset in TFS 2010

Hello World,I guess each one of us has this “bad hair day” when you just can’t get things right. On one such day, I checked in some code to TFS just to realise while testing that I have broken stuff!

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ASP.NET use jQuery $.post for ajax

Hello World,I came through an interesting scenario which required us to change an ASP.NET form submit to ensure that the browser does not show this message: Now this page only shows a report and this prompt is completely out of

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Baseless merge in TFS 2010

Hello World, I was recently involved in a major rewrite of one of our products and needed to prep a release candidate. As most organisations do, our ALM (Application Lifecycle Managemet) practices require that changes be merged all the way

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Designing and Developing Multi-threaded C# applications

Hello World,An excellent video by Jeffery Richter (CLR via C# fame) on designing and developing multi-threaded applications using .NET 4.0 features: Here Happy coding

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