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Some MSDN Blogs of interest

Hello World, This is actually a note to myself about some blogs that I found interesting (or more interesting, ’cause ideally I would love to be able to read everything there is on that site! – alas a day has

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VS 2010 Dark Theme et al

Hello World!              So I got a taste of dark theme while playing around with VS 2012 RC made available by our application life cycle maintenance team. It looks cool, and to be honest the greatest cool quotient is contributed by

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VS 2010 Freezing during Auto Save

Hello World,           We use Virtual Machines (VM) for some of our development work. These VMs are hosted on a server that is geographically far off (I’m in India while the VM server sits in Western Europe). Time and again there are

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Windows developer power tools

Hello World, Discovered this great book – Windows Developer Power tools and its companion website. There are a host of open source tools here that would make the life of any developer better. I will try to post about tools

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C#: Keeping your stored procedure names maintainable

Hello World,Necessity is the mother of invention (cliched but very true) – as your hair starts greying, (and hairline begins to recede 😉 ) you suddenly start to realize the weight of these adages. One such necessity arose out of my observation

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AppSettingsReader class: Get typed values from app.config

Hello World,I came across this question in one of our coffee table discussions that it should be possible using .NET framework class library to return typed values from application configuration file (app.config) instead of getting all values as string and

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