VS 2010 Freezing during Auto Save

Hello World,           We use Virtual Machines (VM) for some of our development work. These VMs are hosted on a server that is geographically far off (I’m in India while the VM server sits in Western Europe). Time and again there are some applications that do not quite match up with how they would behave on a local desktop. Visual Studio is one such app.
On my VM, I had this particular issue that when VS was trying to “Auto Save” the project and solution, it would hang up and not respond for some time. I googled up to find out if I could somehow reduce the frequency of auto save and found this blog.
PS: Although the blog talks about VS 2005, the option to set the auto save frequency is located at the same menu in VS 2010. (for a change :))

Our VMs are Windows 7 Machines and another way I’ve discovered to have these machines behave is to get rid of the default “Aero” theme like so:

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Click on “Change Theme”
  3. From the screen that shows up, click on the “Windows Classic theme” (Note that there is no “Apply” or “OK” button. Clicking on the theme is enough)


Happy Coding!

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