VS 2010 Dark Theme et al

Hello World!              So I got a taste of dark theme while playing around with VS 2012 RC made available by our application life cycle maintenance team. It looks cool, and to be honest the greatest cool quotient is contributed by the fact that the theme is easy on the eye. For someone who stares at monitors almost the entire waking up day, that is a big one!

             I got down googling as to how I could get a good (tested : ) ) dark theme for VS 2010 and got these resources:
  1. Collection of themes for Visual studio: studiostyl.es
  2. My personal favorite (thus far): Dark Studio
  3. Stackoverflow tip on how to import the theme HERE
 The reason I chose Dark Studio is very clear: keywords, comments and highlighting is legible. What I also discovered is that when you hover over an outlined section’s node, the entire section is highlighted:
For the ones who care: dark themes save energy as the display takes less power to show them! [As one of the comments say this may not be 100% accurate. Looks good though 🙂 ]
Happy Coding
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2 comments on “VS 2010 Dark Theme et al
  1. ParoX says:

    Sadly dark themes aren't that great for power saving, since an LCD's backlight typically stays on regardless of the screen color being displayed. If you're using an AMOLED display or a CRT, you might be able to wring some power savings from darker screens, but the majority of an LCD's power consumption is from its backlight.Thanks for the links, though! 🙂

  2. SM says:

    Happy to be of help!

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