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Web Essentials Visual Studio extension – Pure, unadulterated web development

Hello World, Web developers have been plying their trade for long fighting with browser incompatibilities, lack of tooling support in editors or their IDE environments. My favorite IDE – Visual Studio – is otherwise brilliant at what it does but

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Add an HTTP Request Header Using Fiddler CustomRules Magic

Hello World! In one of my projects, we utilize a custom HTTP header to determine certain properties of the request/user making the request. Now under normal production scenario, the Network Load Balancer (NLB) adds the HTTP header but I had

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C#: Fastest way to check if a string has digits only

Hello World, This is going to be a very short one. In one of my projects recently, I had to check if a string contained only numbers and take an action based on that check. As always, a quick Google

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Timers Timers Everywhere – The problem of plenty with .NET Timers

Hello World, When it comes to scenarios in your .NET projects where you need to do some work periodically, the natural solution is to use a Timer that fires events periodically and then register the work to be done in

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