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IIS Express 500.19 Cannot read configuration file – because it’s looking at the wrong path!

Hello World! Here’s a gotcha! I discovered while working on an ASP.NET MVC 5 solution in VS 2015. While refactoring the code, I needed to debug some code in the Global.asax.cs and thus changed the project properties to run using

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C# 6.0 Features Not Working with MVC 5 / Visual Studio 2015 / Razor

Hello World, I ran into this problem today while mucking around with the installed Nuget packages and web.config of an MVC 5 project where the Razor views started showing up an error while using the C# 6 String interpolation feature.

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ASP.NET Web API: Content Negotiation, Content-Type, Accept and Accept-Charset in a nutshell

Hello World, ASP.NET Web API is now the standard, recommended way of building REST based HTTP services. As of writing this post, the latest stable version is Web API 2.2 (semantic version 5.2.2) available from NuGet here. One of the

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Add an HTTP Request Header Using Fiddler CustomRules Magic

Hello World! In one of my projects, we utilize a custom HTTP header to determine certain properties of the request/user making the request. Now under normal production scenario, the Network Load Balancer (NLB) adds the HTTP header but I had

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Force Internet Explorer to use standards mode: X-UA-Compatible HTTP header

Hello World, We have this fantastic application of ours that is trying to render HTML 5 graphs using Google’s chart API. Before I describe the issue we faced with IE and its resolution, let me touch a few aspects of

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Internet Explorer cannot download over https

Hello World, My favorite browser IE (pun intended) was at it again – driving me crazy with a weird message whenever someone tried to click a link on my page that should ordinarily present a file download dialog. This is

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Dependency injection with Unity in ASP.NET Web API

Hello World, I have this shiny new project that I’m working for that is based on the ASP.NET Web API and SPA architecture. Before I describe where Unity comes into picture, let be briefly outline the pieces in the setup.

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