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C# 6.0 Features Not Working with MVC 5 / Visual Studio 2015 / Razor

Hello World, I ran into this problem today while mucking around with the installed Nuget packages and web.config of an MVC 5 project where the Razor views started showing up an error while using the C# 6 String interpolation feature.

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IDisposable Pattern: A refresher on the need and correct implementation

Hello World, One may wonder why another post on IDisposable? After all, how difficult could an implementation of an interface that has only one void parameter-less method be? Well, this post is a result of my interactions with developers during

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Double Check Locking in C# – End of life?

Hello World, After having a discussion with a colleague, I was researching for the correct way to implement double-check locking in C# and .NET 4.5. Turns out a lot of water has flown under the bridge and things have changed quite

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NUnit Assertions: IsAssignableFrom and IsInstanceOf

Hello World, A good test coverage and a great unit test framework are like a good insurance cover – they give you the peace of mind and assurance that your codebase is in good shape and guard against inadvertent regressions

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Logging Frameworks for .NET

Hello World, Any application out in the real world needs good instrumentation so that when things go wrong (as they will from time to time), one has somewhere to start. Logging has long been a standard and time-tested way for

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ASP.NET Web API: Content Negotiation, Content-Type, Accept and Accept-Charset in a nutshell

Hello World, ASP.NET Web API is now the standard, recommended way of building REST based HTTP services. As of writing this post, the latest stable version is Web API 2.2 (semantic version 5.2.2) available from NuGet here. One of the

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First Chance exceptions – What are the chances?

Hello World, I’m sure every developer who’s building commercial apps cares to look in the output window when debugging projects. It is hard to miss a lot of these messages that show up from time to time: A first chance

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