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WCF service startup error “This collection already contains an address with scheme http”

Hello World, Today, I was trying to setup a simple WCF service on my hosting service (they are superb! I’ve been using them for about two weeks and it has been a breeze to setup websites and applications using

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makecert and creating ssl or signing certificates | brockallen

This makecert script works perfectly to generate a token signing certificate usable with IdentityServer3. For some reason that Iā€™m yet to uncover, the newer Powershell way on Windows 10 generates a cert that the signing piece in IdentityServer does not

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10 tips for better Pull Requests

Source: 10 tips for better Pull Requests

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Avoiding an Identity Crisis (in your apps)

Summary This post introduces the NewId library created by the awesome guys behind MassTransit service bus. The content may look similar to the readme of the NewId lib – because that was contributed by yours truly šŸ™‚ What is this

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New .NET Technology to watch: .NET Native

Hello World, .NET Native is a pre-compilation technology for building Universal Windows apps in Visual Studio 2015. One can compile managed IL binaries into native binaries using the tools provided. Every managed (C# or VB) Universal Windows app will utilize

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Object Cloning, ICloneable, Deep and Shallow Copies [C#]

Hello World, One fine day, a colleague of mine wanted me to explain Cloning with respect to Deep and Shallow copies and when the ICloneable interface should be used. As this is not something one encounters everyday, I got down

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Some MSDN Blogs of interest

Hello World, This is actually a note to myself about some blogs that I found interesting (or more interesting, ’cause ideally I would love to be able to read everything there is on that site! – alas a day has

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